Celtic Connect Cable - Port Dafarch


Sea Fibre Networks Limited


Celtic Connect Cable - Port Dafarch cable approach and shore landing risk management assessment.


Offshore Energy carried out a cable approach and shore landing design risk management assessment for the purposes of a proposed new cable installation. Our report gave addressed the likelihood of identified risks and the mitigation measures requires in order to avoid, remove or reduce risks to the existing cable.


Port Dafarch Bay has specific physical constraints in relation to cable shore landing, including a south-westerly aspect and a permanent surf-zone at the entrance to the bay. The existing cable and obligations relating to the Crown Estate licence resulted in a number of considerations from the perspective of a new cable installation, each with unique risks and implications to the existing cable approach route and shore landing:

  • Cable Installation
  • Cable Operation
  • Maintenance and Repair
  • Cable Removal and / or Replacement
  • Insurability

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