Welding and Materials

Materials issues have been central to the safe and efficient handling and transportation of hydrocarbons for over 100 years. Service requirements have driven developments in materials, product forms and joining techniques used for the construction of pipelines and plant.

Increasing pressures, higher and lower service and operating temperatures, increasingly corrosive fluids and the exploitation of fields in increasingly remote and demanding environments have resulted in significant challenges to the materials supply industry. The result has been progressive changes in the materials themselves, their mechanical properties, weldability and serviceability, the manufacturing technologies used and the products available. Issues with daily performance as well as a number of high profile failures have led the industry to recognise the criticality of materials and the importance of corrosion and welding issues.

Offshore Energy can provide specialist materials technical expertise to manage materials, welding and fabrication requirements efficiently and to the highest standards. We have the expertise to navigate through the materials issues during all phases of a project, including:


  • Front-end material selection and material selection for detailed design
  • Corrosion assessment and CP design
  • Engineering Criticality Assessments
  • Specifications and data sheet preparation
  • Material take-off, scopes of work and procurement support
  • Management of pre-qualification programmes
  • Review of vendor offers and recommendations for purchase
  • Review of vendor documents, including manufacturing proposals, procedures, concession requests, inspection and test plans, etc.
  • Review and selection of welding, NDT and coating procedures
  • Management of supply contracts and fabrication contracts
  • Review and control of as-built documentation
  • Management of materials research and development programmes
  • Post installation services, including management of failure investigations.