Technically innovative solutions to our industry’s challenges

In the Oil & Gas industry, technical solutions provide assurance for future sustainability and reliability for production, control and distribution needs. Our environment demands a safe, sustainable and reliable Oil & Gas infrastructure, so this is a pre-requisite of everything we strive to achieve. Our personnel have expertise based upon many years of industry experience with pipeline, process and umbilical-related pre-commissioning requirements.

Offshore Energy can provide your organisation with technical expertise to ensure that project pre-commissioning requirements are managed in line with the principles of project management, including identification, preparation of specifications, management of sub-contracts, on-site monitoring and supervision, and as-built documentation, all in line with industry best practice.

Offshore Energy provides forward thinking solutions to the challenges of pre-commissioning and commissioning phases. Our early involvement will provide you with an improved preparedness for the life of the facilities, far beyond these phases.

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