Installation Analysis

We focus on creating engineering solutions that meet demanding offshore requirements in order to overcome limiting operational constraints, meet customer specifications and satisfy customer expectations.

We are dedicated to engineering innovation, people development and best practice with the use of cutting-edge engineering software technology to produce a detailed understanding of complex offshore operations. This enables us to optimise engineering solutions while ensuring efficiency and safety.

Our engineering team has significant experience and supports all of our offshore activities through the provision of engineering and design support, verification, validation, planning and operational procedures for offshore and subsea operations. We provide tailored engineering solutions and design services for bespoke equipment. We can also offer independent review of projects through third party verification / validation.

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    Marine dynamics analysis can be used to understand the hydrodynamic behaviour of product installation, such as infield and export cable deployment. The influence of vessel motion on the product integrity and positioning can be significant and frequently downtime can occur due to integrity issues being compromised in the product or on the vessel, or overly conservative operational limitations being imposed meaning unnecessary vessel standby time.
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    Marine dynamics assessments idenfity the limitations associated with the installation of offshore packages such as subsea ploughs, jetting tools, marine current turbines, gravity bases, wave energy converters, or other structures and equipment.
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    Once structures or systems are deployed our engineering expertise can be used to ensure operational effectives, design for performance improvement, or ensure systems can withstand environmental design load conditions.
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