Offshore Energy offers bespoke design as well as management and manufacture of specialist offshore and subsea construction equipment. We select the right equipment during concept, delivery and mobilisation in exact time frames and to the highest specification.

Input from the client, FEED or project drives the equipment specification with all requirements being considered closely during the design "kick off" phase. In many circumstances, several designs are evaluated in parallel to identify the optimum solution with respect to cost, schedule, capability and performance.

Engineering support extends from in-depth structural, dynamic, thermal and fluidic analysis utilising both classical and the latest linear and non-linear FEA software through to 3D solid modelling, dynamic simulation and ultimately to production of detailed manufacturing drawings.

We regularly utilise solid modelling in our designs and run computer generated virtual-world dynamic simulations prior to committing to cutting metal. This allows us to develop complex equipment and test the concepts in a virtual environment in a cost effective manner before moving into the production phase. We pride ourselves in having a thorough understanding of both the advantages and limitations of software modelling and the all-important manufacturing processes for a product or solution.

A wide variety of projects have been successfully delivered during the last 30 years of design consultancy. Our team is experienced across a wide range of disciplines and to a significant level of complexity. From conception through to manufacture, build, mobilisation, commissioning and testing we have the right experience to provide optimum solutions in all situations.

Offshore Energy runs design and development projects ranging from a few hundred to many thousands of hours. From bespoke equipment designs through to re-evaluation of problem installations designed by others and validation / verification of existing designs, Offshore Energy offers a complete 360° equipment design service.


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    The Offshore Energy design cycle closely considers all aspects of the requirements at each and every step of your project.
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    Gathering accurate information is essential to maintain safe and productive work environments for offshore platforms. However, this is often hampered by remote and hazardous locations, the fact that platforms can never be shut down and are constantly modified over time.
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